Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vegas Baby, Vegas

Today we got up and continued west. Yesterday made our second casualty, we had to replace a tire that we had been nursing for a day or so and the only place we could find was a mostly Spanish speaking tire shop- but we managed. We are now rolling on almost all mismatched tires- awesome! But at least we are still rolling right? The other Causalty was my computer, it just stopped working. Tech support said it was either the mother board or the power cable, but since I bought an extra warranty after I ran my last computer over (like you never made a mistake) it is going to be free. :) I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog two things that I thought were funny. One, the name of a park that I thought was hilarious, I tried to take a picture but the sign came up too quickly., you might respond like I did, "Uhm... no thanks." Two, the other thing I thought was funny was that Capo has been a great traveler. Mostly sleeping during the trip and generally disinterested in the scenery (I'm mean he's a dog, what do you expect?) Except two days ago when we were passing through Texas he perked up and got very interested in a big pasture of cows, barking and all; it occurred to me that he had never seen a cow before, he must of thought they were giant dogs or something. I told him that everything is bigger in Texas, but not that big :) We drove for a while this morning and hit the Hoover Dam. I guess you'd expect a couple of Dam jokes from me at this point, but why be predictable? Instead here are a few pics of us being silly on the road:
We have continued to have a good time today too. Bekah was saying to her mom on the phone today and it's true: It's been a lot of driving, but we are not sick of driving, not sick of eachother, we are just having a great time. Today we pulled into Vegas and we are going to go see the Cirque De Soleil Show "O" If you've never seen a Cirque show, you need to, it's incredible. We haven't seen Elvis here yet, although I'm told this is now where he lives. On the way here at the Hoover Dam, they had pretty inexpesive helicopter rides and I have never been on a helicopter but always wanted to so... I went for it. Here are some pics. Notice the shot of the "beloved" civic with it's Carolina girl lisence plate. Bekah stayed back- being afraid of heights but I could've stayed up there all day. I would one day like to get my pilots liscence so this was awesome for me! I got to sit up with the pilot! Tomorrow we pull into our new home which should take us about 8 1/2 hours. We are excited and a little nervous because now the vacation is over but we are ready to see the place where we are going to live. We will be updating this blog when we get there so you guys can see where we live and all. I hope you've enjoyed reading these posts as much as we've enjoyed leaving them. Thanks for all your prayers. Here is that video for the Grand Canyon Bekah promised, pictures and video do not do it justice.
We're off to find one of those famous "Vegas $5.99 all you can eat, prime rib buffets. Catch you tomorrow! Archie


Patrick said...

You two are awesome. Glad you're having such a great's more proof that this move was the right thing for you both.

As for the chopper part, I had an opportunity to ride in a helicopter last year at the Coastal Carolina Fair. I would have, until I saw that this particular one had NO DOORS. No way! :)

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