Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

So it's the beginning of day 2. We are on the road as I type. Gotta love the mobile broadband stuff. We are doing good, encouraged, and feeling God's peace as we travel. Archie surprised me by recording a Bible study and having several people read some scriptures for us. This was over the top! It was nice to have some familiar voices hundreds of miles away. My dad did the first one with a great verse for us to cling to, and my mom wrote her part (she "doesn't do microphones ;) ). This morning our good friend Staci Mclain started off our day in the right direction. So encouraging. We really enjoyed staying with Scott and Rachel last night in Nashville. I put a few more pictures of our stay last night and a few other good ones from yesterday, as well as the Nashville sky line. We had breakfast with them this morning before hitting the road again.

It's funny how things like car trips make you spend much needed and desired time with the one you love! :) Doesn't mean that every single second in the car has to be filled with conversation, but sitting next to each other, reflecting on God's grace and provision, enjoying the beautiful landscape and holding hands makes you feel closer to each other. So far we really haven't done anything but sit. Yesterday we even kind of enjoyed the silence. We drove most of the day without music or anything. (Save for the new coldplay and john mayer albums we've been holding out to listen to for the trip). It's been a good trip. I think the time is good for our souls! Pray for us today if you think about it, we will be hitting the remnants of hurricane Gustav, and we've tried to find another route around it, but the thing is huge! so I think we will end up driving through alot of it. Pray against our little engine that could from flooding too! Okay, here are the pictures, we'll update later.

More of dopey Capo

Courtney, Hailey, and Scott and Rachel Parker, and the Nashville skyline


Patrick said...

Just think: Now you can tell people that Capo can even sleep through a hurricane!

Praying for you now as you head through Gustav.