Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coffee at 75 MPH

Hello everyone. We are in the third day of our not so small journey across the US. Late last night we pulled into Oklahoma City- it was late and I felt like I was in one of those Twilight Zone episodes where the further I drove, the further Oklahoma City got and I was stuck for an eternity just driving to Oklahoma City! Ever been there? We stayed at a 70's style HOJO and got up this morning and started what has become a routine for us since day 1. We get up and take Capo for a couple mile run,

have breakfast, and then hit the road listening to the devotionals people had recorded for us. Then we dip into the "cup 'o' memories" that some of our dearest friends made for us- we do 5 memories in the morning and 2 after lunch. They're just little pieces of paper that have a sentence or two about something that we had done with some friends or funny sayings or whatever, but they have brought a welcome smile and some familiarity to a constantly changing landscape. Can I just vent here for a sec- we have passed through i don't know how many states now and you know how many starbucks we have seen? 2!!!! Arkansas and Oklahoma you need to get your junk together!! I got some Mcdonalds coffee and Bekah was driving this morning and just as we were getting on the highway Bekah says "oh look there's a starbucks" drives right by and gets on the ramp. And I was like "what are you doing?!?!" She said "well you just got coffee, I figured you'd want to wait and find another one later." I said " Are you kidding!? You know I would pour this crap out as a drink offering to get some starbucks." The next one was 400 miles away. My computer died today in the car- it just didn't power back on- so I called tech support and they told me it's going to be a mother board a or power cable- lets hope its the power cable!

Today was nice, we spent some time together just talking and just sitting. I think we both really needed this trip. Yes it's a lot of driving but it has been great (except for the trying to get to OK City last night!) I gave Rebekah this necklace that I have been holding on to for about a month. She saw it down at the farmers market downtown Charleston and would never buy it for herself so "I" did. It's from the 30's and she was admiring it for about 2 months. The last time we were down there she went to go look at it again and she thought they had sold but it was just moved and she was really sad. So it was cool to give her one more little piece of Charleston. We stopped at the Famous Cadillac Ranch today and took some pics. It's this ranch where Cadillac's are stuck in the ground and it's dedicated to the fins on the back of a caddy- the first one is real small and then they gradually get bigger. here are a few pics.

Tonight we pulled into Albuqureque and enjoyed a little local place for brick oven pizza. Tomorrow we have to get a tie pixed that we have been nursing for a day or so that keeps losing air and then we will be off to the Grand Canyon. We have changed our plans a little for the end of this trip though- we are going to go through Vegas and catch a show Cirque de Soleil, called "O" it's all done with water- sounds good. We went to a Cirque show on our honeymoon, so it will be a nice revist for that too. We plan to pull into SAn Jose on Sunday.

Here are a few pics from this evening, a weird house that we saw on the way to dinner, a restraunt that both Bekah and I went to as children with our families that we both thought was out of business and an awesome speed limit sign- "that's what I'm talking about!" Tomorrow we should have lots of Grand Canyon shots for you and a story of how I'm getting along with the Civic, I have made no secret of how I feel about it. Until next time- Archie


Patrick said...

I sympathize on the Starbucks thing...McD's coffee is some of the worst-tasting stuff I've ever had!

Sounds like you two are really having a great time of it and that's awesome.

Cal said...
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Cal said...

Sorry about the computer, I know that it helped pass time on the drive, I hope it's only the power cord also. Mom noticed in the cadilac picture that there was only ONE tree visible - you're for sure in the west now. Archie, I had a cup of caribou for you this morning. PS>>> love those 'blue suede' shoes.
Love you guys...Have fun at the Grand Canyon!

Anonymous said...

Hi you two, I am so glad to read about your journey and how much you are enjoying it. I met the neighbor across the street. I remembered the first time you two came over to meet us, you brought a plate of cookies over. So I made up a batch and took her over some. She seems real nice. Anyway, I hope today is a fun day for you both. Please email anytime you'd like

Hugs and God bless.

Jessica said...

Hey guys! Pretty necklace...Archie, you're so thoughtful! I'm loving all your stories from the road and all the pictures. Hope the rain eases up! Miss you both already=)

Jessica J

Andy Wood said...

archie, totally understand the whole starbucks deal. it was almost depressing to me. i got to a point where i was stopping at almost every starbucks just because of that fact!