Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Desert (Day 4)

So, sorry this is a little late, but we have had some computer issues, and we stayed in a small town that I don't think had a computer in it. It was super cute though - reminded us of Radiator Springs from the movie Cars, and it was even located on Route 66. We left Albuquerque, headed toward the Grand Canyon this morning and have really just been enjoying the scenery. We saw the sign for the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest which was really cool! it was about a 45 minute drive to go through the park but the veiws were breathtaking. We are really enjoying God's creation. here are some pictures.

Then we kept driving to gas up in this ancient city! seriously, I think some of the original buildings were still there. we were just waiting to find the saloon.

After a pretty long, but beatiful drive we made it to the Grand Canyon. I don't know if you have ever been, but talk about witnessing the glory and beauty of God. this was breathtaking. If you have not seen it, you MUST! Okay, I'll show you some pictures instead of talking about it... I have a great little video about it, but this computer I'm using won't let me load it, so I will post it in a futre blog!

Since we're from the South we have found that we have had a lot of "Bless their heart" moments! :) In these small towns, there are alot of country type folks who we just want to say Bless their hearts - or idiots! haha just joking.
We did find another Starbucks to Archie's content, and savored every last sip of it since we have only seen about 4 the entire trip. You would think, hey! It's Starbucks. But thanks Jessica for the yummy starbucks!
So, an update on the bumper stickers! We are currently even - four for McCain, four for Obama. Pretty surprising. but both sides have something going for it. In Albuquerque, we saw a huge McCain rally (gotta count for something), and on the road to the grand Canyon, I saw a highway cleaning sign that said this portion of the road maintained by Grand Canyon democrats - that I guess counts too! :) We have fourty eight states and counting on the license plates - only missing Hawaii (we may not get that one) and Vermont -surely some Vermont people want to come to the West Coast!
We are officially on Pacific time - 3 hours behind our Charleston friends and family. It feels wierd, and the sleeping part is catching up.Last night we were asleep by 9 and up before 7 - so weird.
Archie mentioned in a previous blog (as if you didn't already know) how he felt about the civic...

but over the past few days, I think he's created a slight bond with it (the 33-37 miles to the gallon has helped)

and even made friends with it...

Well, that's about all from today... we'll have more to post in a little while about more fun! Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement you all have sent our way. We love and miss everyone!!


Patrick said...

The shots are amazing...definitely want to see all of that in person some time. (Including Archie making so nice with the Civic! Who would have ever imagined...? :)