Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blue Suede Shoes

So we're still on the road and probably will be for about another 3 1/2 hours. It's getting late, and we're tired, but have had a great day! It was filled with alot of fun things. We were talking and realized that this is our first real vacation since our honeymoon - pretty sad huh? Here are a few pictures of the day and some fun things we have done.

Had to have barbecue in Memphis! This was the fun pink pig mobile outside Marlowe's barbecue restaurant. Now this is what you call classy! So fun we had to take a picture.

That's a whole lot of b-b-q! :) Notice the sauce on Archie's face... it was lip smacking good!!!

This is for my dad, he always tells me to clean the bones, suck out the marrow, and get messy, and you're not done till you do all three!

Here are some pics from Graceland... First is the big front living room with the infamous 15 ft white couch. Looks the same as the 70's. Next is Elvis and Priscilla's wedding clothes, a few of Elvis' jumpsuits, the monument to Elvis (kind of creepy), and Graceland itself - not quite as impressive from the front as I originally thought. Just so you know, it's kind of expensive to go to Graceland, and when you get there, they don't let you go upstairs.. something about it's Elvis' private quarters and they are going to maintain his privacy - hey he's dead people. Sorry Elvis fans!

Archie even remembered his blue suede sneaks!

We stopped by the Hotel Lorraine, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

Passing into the next state - Arkansas, and the Mississippi river

Just a few fun facts. So far, we have spent 17 hours driving, and have gone about 1,020 miles. We'll rack in more by the end of the night.
Hurricane Gustav has sent us, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma PLENTY of rain. It's rained all day.

We got word that Filipe and Mandy Santos, part of our South Bay team, arrived safely to San Jose airport today!! They are home. They flew from Charleston today and got to California in the same day. whew, how nice! :) just joking, we are having a GREAT time and soaking up all the relaxation.

Tonight we'll land in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and try to get a good night's rest. Tomorrow will probably be a boring day of mostly driving, so we'll try to tap into our creative side to keep you entertained! We're praying for all of you that you will be blessed.


Patrick said...

You're already in Oklahoma?!? How is that even possible? I mean, I know they say it's a "small world," but really...I didn't know it was THAT small!

By the way, Bekah, don't tell Archie I said this, but I've seen him looking the way he did in the barbeque shot during a recent trip to a certain Mexican restaurant...

No, wait! That was ME, not him...nevermind! :)

I'm glad you two are having such a great time along the way. It's cool being along for the "virtual" ride.

Katie said...

Hurry up! Come on Archie, can't you go a little faster? I'm waiting for you! :)

Good idea hitting all the good food places. We don't even have Chick-Fil-A...

I just watched a special on Elvis the other day. Did you know he's not really dead? He's actually living upstairs at Graceland! Thats why they won't let you go up there. He's just so big-headed, he likes to watch the cameras filled with his admirers.

Good luck with the rest of your trip! Sing a good oldies song to the camera. While you're driving. We have a lot of those.

See ya when you get here, love ya.