Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Road Trip Day 1

Well we are at the end of the first day of traveling to California and we are a mix of so many things: excited, tired, sad to leave friends and family, and optimistic about what our new future holds for us. We left this morning at around 10:30 after having breakfast with our families, and hit the road to Nashville. We passed through South Carolina (obviously), North Carolina, and Tennessee. Capo did a pretty good job sitting in the car for the trip, after getting some meds from the vet, he was a little dopey! :) We were thinking, that this was the first time that Capo had left South Carolina. Since we were going to have so much time on our hands, we decided to have a little fun. So we played the license plate game to see how many states we could find, and we already have 22, hopefully we'll find all of them before we get there. Then we decided to see if we could single-handedly take the political survey of the country (you know how they do the polls and you say, they never asked me what I was thinking), to see how many bumper stickers we could find for each political candidate - we found two stickers for each! :) so far the country is even. Archie decided he needed to have a last fix of Krystal. So, let's just say that the GPS is good, but not great - it found several krystal's that were closed, and then took us to some girl named Krystal's house (ha), it was really a high school. so we wasted a good 45 minutes or so looking for a Krystal, but alas - we did succeed (that's for you Rick). We finally arrived in Nashville and are staying with our good friends Scott and Rachel. Can't believe how big the girls are! It makes you forget how fast time goes by. We have spent the evening having some good conversation and trying a new game for the Wii called Wii fit. It has been fun to watch each other make idiots of ourselves playing these games! (Notice in all the pictures Capo is like Capo-the-drug-dog, except he's the kind that takes them, not finds them) But it has been fun. We made good time, passed through 2 states and amazingly enough got 37 Miles to the gallon today! Tomorrow we head out for Memphis in the morning and Oklahoma City tomorrow night. For your enjoyment, here are some pictures of the day - the states we passed, Capo the drug dog, Archie's krysal obsession, and some Wii fit action.


Patrick said...

Wow! Can't believe how far you got in one day. Congratulations.

I can understand Archie's Krystal obsession, although in my case, it's all about Zesto in West Columbia. Greatest burgers and fried chicken EVER.

As for the Wii fit thing...I'm going to have to file this one away for later... :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are cute! I love the video...we need to find a way to loop it and have it as a bumper sticker on Facebook or something like that. hahaha!

I love getting keep it up, missy!

mwah! Much love to you both!

Andy Wood said...

wow, archie, you've got the moves! Can you do that on a sunday morning some time for the church? i don't think i can dance or move like you!