Monday, June 9, 2008

Full Circle

So, I was just cleaning out my computer a little and saw these pictures. Never mind the fact that Archie and I were both in our much skinnier days (we're still working on that :) ), I thought it was so ironic. Archie and I have once visited the San Francisco area. It was June 2004 - exactly four years ago. We actually won a trip through Archie's work and we were able to pick any spot in the continental U.S. Can you believe we picked San Francisco. We had a blast, flew through the city in only 48 hrs., and tried to see every tourist trap we could. Here we are four years later moving our family across country to the very place we chose to visit. Well, about 30 minutes away, but close enough! So, here are a few pics of that trip, and soon we'll have new ones making it full circle of the new call God has for us. Enjoy!

Touring Alcatraz

Crazy silver man down by the pier

Near the amazing redwoods!


Filipe Santos said...

Cool pictures. We'll have many more pictures soon for you guys to add to the "San Francisco Bay" album!