Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I started my third and final 8 week clinical rotation this week. It's so weird starting a new setting, where I'm expected to know everything, yet nothing! :) In so many ways, I know that this is where God has called me in my life right now, but everyday I just keep wondering exactly where I'm supposed to be serving. This current rotation is in home health. I love it! It's definitely something I can see myself doing. It's so amazing to be doing something to help someone become just a little more independent. I mean we take so many things for granted such as going to the bathroom, or getting dressed without someone in the room doing it for us - having privacy! But this job helps them do those things again for themselves. It's great. For example, helping an older person come up with a way to become more independent just so he can go out to dinner, or practicing a way to get up off the floor in case he falls when no one else is there. It challenges your creativity, strength, everything. I love it. I'm nervous about finishing school, because then I have to decide exactly what area I want to work in (hospital, home health, schools, etc). It's such an opportunity to help my patients become independent, but it is also an amazing way to reach out to those in this new community for Christ. I'll have interactions with people that no one else will have. I can't wait to interact with them, meet new people, and share life in a whole new way. Who knows, maybe they'll come to church. So, if you think of it, you can pray for the right place for me to work! - Bekah