Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beyond Words

I'm speechless today as I write this. Today was South Bay's first baptism service. What an incredible thing to witness. We had people sign up for a few weeks before the service stating their interest to be baptized, and had 9 people signed up. During the service, Andy spoke about the importance of baptism, the reason we do it, and the things that hold us back from taking the step. At the end, he challenged everyone to take the amazing first step in their walk with Christ to become baptized. We had 18 people come forward to be baptized today!!! It was amazing. The excitement in the place was overwhelming. People were clapping, hooting and hollering like a true celebration! We were in awe as some of the people who we have been praying for came forward to get baptized. Four people from our small group decided to take the step of faith, and we were in tears as all 18 of them were baptized. It's amazing to hear the stories, the different walks of life that each person has come from. Anything from growing up Catholic and now choosing to become baptized as a Christian, those who were once Buddhists and only in the last few weeks have made decisions for Christ, to a child of a Hindu priest and their son who will now no longer be considered part of the family because they were baptized as Christians. What an amazing thing to witness. Archie and I feel so blessed to be a part of this church and to be in service to our Jesus! We'll have some pictures soon, but for now, here's a video that Archie put together for today with some of the amazing stories of a few of the people who were baptized today!

Baptism 09 from South Bay Church on Vimeo.

Please be in prayer for those who were baptized today. Pray for protection and continued commitment! Thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement!


Lydia said...

After a kind of hectic end-of-the-year school day, this has been so refreshing to read and the video was so encouraging. Thanks for sharing how the Lord is working and blessing in California!